Young Leaders’ Academy

At WWGF we have a training programme for coaches which can begin at age 11.

Aspiring coaches can begin with our Young Leaders’ Training Course and certification once they are aged 11, and progress with the support of a designated Mentor Coach through to BG Award Scheme Coach (age 14) and beyond to BG Level 1 (age 16) and BG Level 2 (age 18) qualifications.

Our in-house Young Leaders’ Course takes place over three two-hour sessions, and covers a variety of theory and practical-based topics. Once completed, the Young Leader will receive an accreditation certificate and will be allocated a Mentor Coach and volunteer coaching opportunity.

The course is compulsory for any young person wishing to begin a career in coaching at WWGF, and will give the individual a solid grounding which will support them throughout their coaching career.

At WWGF we are very proud of our record of supporting gymnasts through the transition into becoming the coaches of the future! There is always an opportunity for those with the right qualities to progress at WWGF.

If you, or someone you know, would like to begin coaching with WWGF, please email us as

Here are some testimonies from our current Young Leaders:

Jess Richardson (age 15)

Jess (left)

I wanted to become a coach as I’ve been with the club from the age of 3 and have seen the encouragement and commitment from my coaches towards their gymnasts and I wanted to share my experiences with other gymnasts.

What do you enjoy about coaching at WWGF?

At West Wilts Gymnastics the coaching staff feel like one big family and coaching the very young gymnasts is a real pleasure!