WWE achieves Gym Mark!

Gym Mark LogoWe have received confirmation from British Gymnastics this week that the club has been awarded Gym Mark: the quality standard which BG uses.  This means that we will now be able to use the logo on all our communications, our website, Facebook page and merchandise, to show that we are a quality club and live up to BG’s values.  This is a great achievement!

‘Gaining GymMark accreditation means that your club is recognised by British Gymnastics and their partners as a safe, effective and child friendly club, providing a service in the community that children and young people, their parents/carers and others with a passion for Gymnastics can trust. The foundation of most clubs is its youth structure, so by attracting and encouraging young members we can help you develop the sport by improving gymnasts and developing a quality workforce. Acquiring GymMark demonstrates the confidence and commitment that British Gymnastics and Sport England have in your club, which will not only maintain existing members but hopefully attract new ones too.

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