Physical Challenges and Competitions

Week 10 (25-31 May):

Send us 2 pictures – 1 of you doing gymnastics and another of you when you were very small!

Week 7 (4-10 May):

Have some fun building an obstacle course this week – see the flyer below for more details!

Week 5 (20-27 April):

We’d love to see you doing some gymnastics with your pet! See the flyer below for more details. (You can use a teddy or toy if you don’t have a pet).

Week 4 (13-19 April):

After the success of the toilet roll challenge, we have decided to run this again in week 4. Let’s see if we can pass the toilet roll even further!

Week 3:

This week, we would like you to pass the toilet roll! All you need to do is make a short video (no more than 10 seconds long) – get someone to throw you a toilet roll from your right-hand side and kick/throw/header it to your left. Maybe you can even do some gymnastics as you go? You can be as creative as you like – let’s have a bit of fun!

Send your video to and we will join them together to make one long ‘pass the toilet roll’ chain. Let’s see how long we can make it!

* The video will go on Facebook and on our website, so emailing a video to us will be taken as permission to publish images of your gymnast online.*

Week 2:

Can you take on the Baby Shark challenge?! Post us your pictures and videos!

Week 1:

How long can you stand on one leg for while balancing a cushion on your head?! We want to know! Email us at with your name, age and the time you did it for.

Prizes available in 3 different age groups!