About West Wilts Gymnastics and Fitness…

West Wilts Gymnastics & Fitness (was West Wilts Esprit Gymnastics Club) has been operating for more than 40 years and is one of the oldest gymnastics clubs in the West Country. It has been instrumental in the physical and sporting development of thousands of children in Trowbridge, West Wiltshire and the surrounding area and can trace its direct influence on the evolution of many of today’s Gymnastics Clubs in the Wiltshire and Somerset area through the development of coaching staff that have evolved through us over the years.

The Club began as an after-school club for the Nelson Hayden Boys School, (the predecessor to today’s Clarendon Academy).  Our founder, Yvonne Brice, is still coaching today’s generation of young gymnasts as part of our current coaching team.  Whilst not an elite level club, and often under her influence, the club can lay claim to starting the long term sporting careers of many.  Some have gone on to achieve excellence locally and some internationally, achieving recognition at Commonwealth and Olympic level. We even have one past member who is currently a well-known premiership footballer!

As the club has evolved, responsibility for running things day to day operations was handed over to DC Leisure (now Places for People Leisure), who ran the club until April 2013 when it was taken independent by a group of parents and the Head Coach as a not-for-profit organisation, West Wilts Esprit Gymnastics Club Ltd.  The separation from DC Leisure enabled the club to take advantage of external funding and contributions from volunteers that were not possible under their corporate governance.

Since 2013 WWGF has grown and developed new disciplines and new coaches, and has now secured its own premises on the White Horse Business Park in Trowbridge.  We aim to develop this new facility into a community hub for Gymnastics and all Gymnastics-related activity West Wiltshire, as well as providing Fitness-based activities for all ages of participant.  This is a hugely exciting venture, and we hope to continue to grow and develop the Club and its participants for many years to come.

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