Congratulations to the WWG Junior Squad gymnasts who won medals at The Spark…

Photo 2WWGs youngest Squad gymnasts competed for the first time at the new Spark competition, held at the University of Bath.  Mini Squad gymnasts Amelia Davis, Eliza Blackmore, Tabitha Olivier, Ava Britten, Jasmine Stone and Grace Till all achieved Bronze medals in their first competition held outside of WWG.



untitledJunior Squad gymnast Talia Brown also achieved a Bronze medal, with Ashley Hamilton, Ariana Pothecary, Jessica Norton, Jenna Caddy, Erin Wilkins, Tabitha Coleman and Mya Brown all achieving Silver.




Photo 3Congratulations to all the gymnasts for this brilliant result in the first year we have entered this competition, and many thanks to Yvonne Brice and Tracy Cavalla for coaching and to Hayleigh Freestone for judging.

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