What Our Customers and Partners Say…..

“I’d like to send our sincere thanks to Zoe and her colleague for making Ruth’s birthday party such fun yesterday. Their coaching was positive, proactive and responsive to every child’s needs. It was exemplary. They catered for my sons needs in a sensitive way  too with great understanding and care. He has Aspergers and really enjoyed himself too. The room looked beautiful and we were grateful for the use of he kitchen too.”
“Just a quick letter of thanks for the very kind hospitality shown to me (at the Anniversary Celebration) on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon and was very impressed with your new premises, with its vast array of equipment and additional activity spaces.  It was good to be part of your Celebration and share in your achievements over the last year. I can see that you have made a tremendous leap, since my last visit to your former premises and can fully understand why you are now enjoying increased membership and growing success in competitions.  It was a real pleasure to share the time with enthusiastic gymnasts of all ages and abilities, all keen to demonstrate their various skills, with quite a number showing tremendous future potential for greater success in higher level competition.
I think the most memorable part of the afternoon was, not only the obvious enjoyment amongst gymnasts, parents and coaches, but the camaraderie, so clearly displayed by the support and encouragement given to one another, regardless of ability.  I am certain that your Club will continue to enjoy even greater developments and look forward to hearing from you from time to time, about your future progress.  In the meantime ,you can count on my support wherever needed, in my capacity as a councillor”.
“My daughter said these October Half Term Gym Camps were the best ones she’s ever been to!”
“Just a quick note to say well done to everyone.  Especially Sue and Kev: your vision and commitment to the gym is helping to steer the gym to a fantastic future.  Congratulations on your Club Mark I know how hard work that is having seen my nephew complete his as well as completing my own for our athletics club.   The gymnasts of all levels of Wiltshire are lucky to have such a dedicated club”.
“What a fantastic party!  My daughter, her friends and I were SO pleased with the whole experience: all the children were given the opportunity to use the equipment as well as to play fun games together.  I got some great comments from other mums who thanked me for inviting their child to such an exciting and unique party.  Needless to say, I had a very happy 6-year-old who will be asking for the same party again next year!”
“My daughter had a great time at her birthday party.  All of her friends enjoyed themselves and they got to use all the equipment.  A couple of the older girls helped out and made it a really fun experience”.
“My daughter really loves her gymnastics class with Yvonne, thank you!”

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