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British Gymnastics

West Wilts Esprit Gymnastics Club is an affiliated Club to BG and all its coaches, volunteers, judges and members have BG membership as well.  This provides the Club with its Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance, and each individual member with personal insurance.

Our South West representative, Christine O’Hagan, has been fantastic and vocal in her support for our new facility, and is currently helping us to gain GymMark accreditation.

The Clarendon Academy

We work in partnership with The Clarendon Academy, providing the school with coaches and equipment for an After-School Club and lending equipment and leotards for School Competitions.

Trowbridge Town Council

Has been very supportive of the Club and its new venture, providing guidance along the way.  Trowbridge Town Council also runs the Trowbridge Sports Forum, of which we are a member.

The Town Council also organises the Sport and Play Festival in Trowbridge Park every May/June, which we have taken part in for the last 3 years (see Gallery!)

Wiltshire Council

Has provided support and guidance to us in our funding applications and has supported us in gaining our new facility.

Trowbridge Sports Forum

West Wilts Esprit Gymnastics Club is a member of this Forum, which brings together all the sports clubs in Trowbridge.  The Forum is run by Hayley Bell from the Town Council and has provided us with small sums in funding to pay for training courses and small items of equipment.

WAGA (Wiltshire Amateur Gymnastics Association)

We are a member of WAGA, which is a group made up of representatives fro all the Wiltshire Gymnastics Clubs.  WAGA meets after every Wiltshire Competition to discuss gymnastics in Wiltshire, new projects, competition rules and lots of other things!

SWAGA (South West Amateur Gymnastics


We are a member of SWAGA, which entitles our gymnasts to compete at South West Regional competitions.

Wiltshire I.T.

Our sponsor and provider of all our technical support including website, club database and help with general idiotic questions!

Milano Leotards

We have established a partnership with Milano through our beloved Frankie, who has modelled for them in the past, and they have generously sponsored our events and provided us with lots of lovely leotards.

Carter Jonas

Have handled the renting of our new facility, and their Publicity Department have been superb in helping us with getting known in the Wiltshire area!

Adam Griffiths Electricals

Adam was recommended to us by a friend of the Club, and has been invaluable in doing all the work to get our new facility upgraded to meet building regulations guidelines.  Adam installed new lighting, smoke detectors and emergency exit signs, as well as a never-ending list of other jobs which we keep asking him to do!  Contact Adam

Total Coaching Solutions

Contact Miikee for anything at all to do with Trampolines, Trampolining or Soft Play!

Mr G Russell

Mr Russell provides all the medals, trophies and ribbons for our Club Competitions, and also has an engraving service.  Contact him on 01225 754668.

The Men’s Shed

We work with Trowbridge Men’s Shed who are brilliant and help us with our DIY projects!

Office Right

 Our sponsor and supplier of stationery and clothing.

Wiltshire Windscreens

Our sponsor and supporter, who provide a great service!


Our sponsor and accountants: a reliable firm with a Trowbridge office base.




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