Our Competition Structure

West Wilts gymnasts take part in a number of competitions each year, both internal and external, depending on each gymnast’s age and ability.  Coaches will decide which competitions each gymnast is competent and ready to enter, except in the case of Internal competitions where each and every gymnast is encouraged to take part.

Our internal competitions currently consist of:

WWGF Floor and Vault Competition (a 2-piece competition open to everyone, where gymnasts compete according to age and the number of hours they train per week).

WWGF Recreational Club Championships (a 4-piece competition open only to gymnasts training 1 hour per week.  Gymnasts compete according to age and Recreational Group).

WWGF Development Club Championships (a 4-piece competition open to gymnasts who train for 2 hours per week upwards.  Gymnasts compete according to age and the number of Wiltshire Grades they have passed).

External Competitions

The Club enters several external competitions per year on a regular basis.  Our Development Gymnastics Programme is based on the Wiltshire Grades programme.

Wiltshire Grades (a grading competition developed by WAGA and existing only in Wiltshire).  Gymnasts can take their first Grade in the year they are 8, and their next Grade the following year.  After that they can take 2 Grades per year if their coaches consider them able.  Wiltshire Grades have set skills to perform in a given order on each piece, and begin at Grade 4 progressing through Grades 3, 2 and 1 to Pre-Level.

Wiltshire Levels (a county competition using National standard rules set by BG. This is a voluntary competition where gymnasts compete using a set of rules which govern which skills they perform).  Wiltshire Levels begin at Level 5 and progress to Level 2.

Wiltshire Floor and Vault (a 2-piece competition with rules devised by WAGA where coaches select the correct ability level for their gymnast and choose which skills the gymnast will incorporate in their routines from a list of skills for that level).  All floor routines for girls are performed to music.  Boys compete without music.

Wiltshire Teams (A Wiltshire 4-piece competition with teams of 5 gymnasts competing against Levels rules). 

West Country League (a South West 4-piece competition with rules based upon the Levels programme).  Gymnasts compete in teams of 6 with 4 scores to count on each piece.  There are 3 ‘matches’ each year with each team’s best 2 scores to count.  West Country League has Divisions ranging from Premiership to Division 4.

Regional Club Grades (a Grading using rules developed by BG.  These Grades are the same in every region).  There are 2 competitions per year which we take part in: Bristol in July and Plymouth in December.  Regional Club Grades can be taken either ‘In-Age’ or ‘Out-of-Age’: the first Grade is designed to be taken in the year the gymnast is 8, with one Grade taken each year after that, but this is not compulsory.  Regional Grade start at Grade 6 and progress to Grade 1.

National Club Grades (a similar competition to Regional Grades, but to a higher skill level).  These Grades only happen once per year in each region: at present our competition in the South West is March/April.  National Club Grades start at Grade 4 and progress to Grade 1.

Floor, Vault and Trampette Competitions

These competitions are open to all Development gymnasts.

Other South West Voluntary Competitions such as SW Quatro.


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